What we believe

In an ever-changing world, the one thing we as parents can do is to teach our kids how to think, learn, and explore.

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We empower kids to become makers, creators, and shapers of the technologies we use everyday.

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Building for the whole child

We're building the Montessori method for STEM education, and we're on a mission to make it  accessible to any child, of any age. Fundamentally, technology is too important to remain the  realm of the .01%. Yet only a tiny minority, in hubs like Silicon Valley, create these digital  experiences for the rest of the world. Our hands-on experiences empower kids to become makers,  creators, and shapers of the technologies we use everyday.

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Made for open-ended play, so whatever their natural proclivity, children can discover what they love.

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Our products arrive as a blank slate, so boys and girls can create the experience in their own image.

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Encompassing each pillar of functional literacy education in STEM and their applications.

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Each step engages all the senses, including tactile, auditory, visual, and sensory — all without a screen.

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Nothing beats the joy of hands-on, physical learning. The Montessori method is core to what we do.

Mochi's Awards and Mentions:

mom's choice award
national parenting award
parent's picks awards
Best Green Dr.Toys award
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Edtech awards

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Thank you to our team members from
5 continents who are bringing
Mochi to life:

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Every day, technology is changing the
way we live

Let's democratize the way our children learn and consume technology so that they, too, can be equipped to shape the future

Tech is changing the way we live

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