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I’m Mochi & I will
help your child
discover coding!

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Together we will go on adventures to explore outer space, the tropical rainforest and much more!

While we develop computational thinking :)


37% discount

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I will Give your kids
a break from the screen!

Montessori approved physical blocks and tactile play
break down abstract ideas into simple concepts you can
touch and manipulate.

I know your child
is brilliant and creative

And I want to meet your little one. Together we will learn many interesting things,
will get useful skills, and have a good time. And it’s all without any screen!

Let me shortly
introduce myself

I am a curious brown bear

who likes to learn about the world and go on adventures. I was created to represent the best of technology today — hands-on, immersive, interactive — so children can learn without addictive screens.

I travel in
my car

that kind of looks like cybertruck. You can make my vehicle be anything you want: a rocket, boat, plane or anything that you can imagine and create using Legos and craft.

It's also made with all-natural, durable wood pieces.

And you can
navigate me

using coding blocks and programming board to create algorithms and sequences, telling me where to go and what to do.

I engage all the senses - music, songs, feedback, movement, hands-on interaction, story-based play

See the video how to navigate me

We will explore
different worlds

taking part in different stories, that are discribed in several books ranging from colors, letters, numbers, and words, to animals, biology, and astronomy.

by the way, My car is
compatible with all your
old lego pieces

Or you can upgrade my car with special
craft pieces that
come with each
book and map

Transform my car into a spaceship, a boat, a truck or anything that you can imagine. There is one unique craft addition in every story.

Robotics kit to start!
additional packs to proceed!

Mochi Screenless Coding Robotics Kit

Show Details

Learn fascinating facts about our Solar System and Planets with the Mochi Starter Pack

  • 1 x Mochi Bear
  • 1 x LEGO Compatible Robot
  • 1 x Programming Board
  • 1 x Story Book
  • 1 x Story Map
  • 1 x Set of Craft Pieces
  • 12 x Coding Blocks
  • 1 x Storyteller SD Card
Mochi Essential 5 Book Coding Adventure Pack

Show Details

Essential Pack includes 5 adventure sets: Colors, Numbers, Letters, Shapes, Animals

  • 5 x Story Book
  • 5 x Story Map
  • 5 x Set of Craft Pieces
  • 5 x Coding Blocks
  • 5 x Storyteller SD Cards
Mochi Essential 4 Book Coding Adventure Pack

Show Details

Essential Pack includes 4 adventure sets: Words, Good Habits, Biology, Time

  • 4 x Story Book
  • 4 x Story Map
  • 4 x Set of Craft Pieces
  • 4 x Coding Blocks
  • 4 x Storyteller SD Cards

PSS! You can save $307 if you buy the full Mochi Kit!

You will get all 12 books with Mochi adventures. Also you will get all available side pieces to customize Mochi’s car for any expedition!

Your child will be fully immersed with this experience, while learning and gaining important and useful skills.