What We Believe

In an ever-changing world, the one thing we as parents can do is to teach our kids how to think, learn, and explore.

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We empower kids to become makers, creators, and shapers of the technologies we use everyday.

Building for the
whole child

We’re building the Montessori method for STEM education, and we're on a mission to make it accessible to any child, of any age. Fundamentally, technology is too important to remain the realm of the .01%. Yet only a tiny minority, in hubs like Silicon Valley, create these digital experiences for the rest of the world. Our hands-on experiences empower kids to become makers, creators, and shapers of the technologies we use everyday.

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Made for open-ended play, so whatever their natural proclivity, children can discover what they love.

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Our products arrive as a blank slate, so boys and girls can create the experience in their own image.

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Encompassing each pillar of functional literacy education in STEM and their applications.

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Each step engages all the senses, including tactile, auditory, visual, and sensory — all without a screen.

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Nothing beats the joy of hands-on, physical learning. The Montessori method is core to what we do.

Mochi’s Awards:

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Core Team


Judy Quintero
Mom in Chief

Judy Quintero progressed from teaching financial planners about mortgage-backed securities to teaching Montessori preschoolers about computational thinking through her company, Pre-K Pre-Code. At Mochi, she designs most of the games and activities for learning about loops, functions, conditional statements, and all the other fun coding concepts!


Mark Pavlyukovskyy
Founder & Chief Bear

Mark Pavlyukovskyy is an inventor, entrepreneur, and very prolific bear. Previously, Mark invented the Piper Computer Kit, a DIY computer that anyone can build themselves. Mark has also been recognized by Forbes as a top changemaker under the age of 30 and by Princeton University as one of it's best alumni entrepreneurs.


Daria Zhao
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Octopus

Daria Zhao is an educator and former Wall Street analyst who realized the most valuable investment we can make is in our children. Daria leads product, creative, and design at Mochi. Her job is to bring Mochi’s learning adventures to life for children around the world.


Dr. Mihran Vardanyan, PhD
Chief Scientist

Dr. Mihran Vardanyan is an Oxford-trained astrophysicist with a secondary degree in pedagogy. At Mochi, Dr. Vardanyan directs R&D. His work focuses on applying the most effective pedagogical methods to learn advanced concepts such as robotics, learning algorithms, and computer vision.

Mochi Bear

Mochi Bear
Chief Inspiration

Hailing from a planet far, far away, Mochi is a curious brown bear who loves learning and exploring the world. Mochi’s curiosity and love for learning is an inspiration for us all!

Thank you to our team members from 5 continents who are bringing Mochi to life:

Alex S.

Design, Eurorpe

Krisztina T.

Design, Europe

Nataly K.

Design, Europe

Taras H.

Engineering, Americas

Ilya R.

Product, Asia

Kyril S.

Engineering, Europe

Dmytro S.

Engineering, Europe

Pamela H.

Operations, Asia

Abhishek S.

Finance, Asia

Vicky K

Operations, Asia

Sanju S.

Operations, Asia

Dr. Max M.

Engineering, Americas

Bjorn O.

Creative, Americas

Alexander K.

Operations, Europe

Pooja S.

Engineering, Asia

Hyunjin J.

Product, Asia

Tigran S.

Design, Europe

Laura W.

Product, Europe


Every day, technology is changing the
way we live

Let’s democratize the way our children learn and consume technology so that they,
too, can be equipped to shape the future.

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